Meeting your reading and writing needs


Promotional blogs

The internet has grown from a two-lane road to an eight-lane highway in the past two decades. If you don’t have the proper tools for visibility, you’ll be lost in traffic in a hurry. Smart business owners looking to grow have learned to utilize the promotional blog and add clients through web traffic. If you’ve looked into this concept already, you’ve probably come across large companies that churn out a ton of blogs. I offer a more bespoke experience here. My process for blog production involves a phone interview for each piece and a consult with you about how you can get the most bang for your buck out of each blog. I can help you publish these writings in several different ways so you’re not just relying on your website to generate new clients. Contact me today to schedule your blog package!

Resume writing

Do you need help crafting a compelling resume, or does the one you already have just need a facelift? Either way, I can help you craft a compelling and appropriate resume or CV that you can feel comfortable presenting to prospective employers.

Freelance writing

If you’ve perused my columns and you like my voice, email me to contract with me for an exclusive piece for your publication.

Book editing

Do you have a fictional or biographical work that’s been sitting on your desk for years because you just haven’t come across anyone to edit it? You’ve come to the right place. I understand how these projects become our babies and then sometimes stagnate because we’re not sure how to proceed. I have extensive experience editing in several print styles, including AP and MLA, and I will commit to treating your writing with the utmost care to preserve your voice in the editing process while making your hard work ready for publishing.

Collective Ink column

The Collective Ink column was born out of a love for newspapers and the quirky stories that inhabit them. I focus on small town life, rural conundrums, equine adventures and the inhabitants of my tiny community of Everett Springs, Georgia, which has existed in the shadow of John’s Mountain for well over a century now. If you’re a publisher, give it a look and shoot me an email if you’d like to run it.


Did you just come here for the horses? Let’s get down to business. If you want to come and meet my lunch ladies (Ava and Chey) and give the riding academy a try, click here. If you want to read (roughly) everything I’ve ever written about horses, click here. And if you just want to swap war — ahem, horse — stories, email me!